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Additional Financial Support

Other Financial Support

As well as the major sources of funding, the following additional means of financial support are available for undergraduates at Magdalene:

Student Support Fund

The College has a Student Support Fund for Magdalene students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty after they start their courses.

College Prizes, Scholarships, and Exhibitions

The College awards College Scholarships to students who achieve first class results in tripos examinations in any year of their course. Especially strong performance may additionally be rewarded with the award of a College Prize. College Exhibitions recognise excellent exam performance that is just short of first class.

Summer Research Bursaries and Travel Awards

All students can apply for research bursaries and travel grants during the summer. Some of these schemes are academic-related, providing funding for fieldwork, research costs, and internships, while other travel funds are available for students studying certain subjects.

Organ Scholarships and Music Awards

Magdalene also participates in the inter-collegiate music awards schemes, offering Organ Scholarships, Choral Scholarships, and Instrumental Music Awards. Details of the schemes and how to apply can be found here.

The Lady Lincoln Fund provides a range of additional awards and bursaries each year in support of College musicians.