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Meet the Team

Admissions and Outreach Team

The Admissions and Outreach Team is part of the Academic Office under the Senior Tutor, and is responsible for all aspects of undergraduate admissions at Magdalene.

The Admissions Tutor (Undergraduates) oversees the admissions team, leads the interview process, and makes admissions decisions in consultation with interviewers and Directors of Studies. The Admissions Officer administers the admissions process and answers questions and queries from prospective applicants, as well as assisting with open days and outreach events.

The Admissions Tutor (Outreach) oversees the organisation of open days, residentials, and outreach events, together with the Outreach Fellows and the Schools Liaison Officer (SLO). The SLO also maintains our relationship with schools in our link areas of North and West Wales, Merseyside, and the Isle of Man.

The Admissions & Outreach Team

Senior Tutor and Admissions Tutor Dr Stuart MartinE Senior TutorT 01223 332150

Admissions Tutor (Undergraduates)Dr Simon RavenscroftE Admissions Tutor (Undergraduates)T 01223 332135

Admissions Tutor (Outreach)Professor Emily SoE Admissions Tutor (Outreach)T 01223 332116

Outreach FellowsDr Hannah CritchlowDr Simon RavenscroftE Outreach Fellows

Academic Registrar
Mr Cei WhitehouseE Academic RegistrarT 01223 332150

Deputy Registrar and Admissions Officer (Undergraduates)Ms Lucy HartleyE Academic Office (Admissions)T 01223 332135

Academic Office AdministratorMrs Remke van der VeldenE Academic Office (Admissions) T 01223 332135

Schools Liaison OfficerE Schools Liaison OfficerT 01223 332256