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Magdalene College Cambridge

Dr Jostein Hauge

Dr Jostein Hauge is a political economist and an Assistant Professor at the University of Cambridge, based at the Centre of Development Studies and the Department of Politics and International Studies. He is also a Fellow of Magdalene College.

His research lies at the intersection between political economy and development economics, with a particular focus on economic development and industrialization in the Global South. He is currently finalizing a book, 'The Future of the Factory: How Megatrends are Changing Industrialization', under contract with Oxford University Press. The book investigates how industrialization pathways are shaped by recent technological developments, new forces of globalisation, and the threat of ecological collapse.

Jostein’s recent research has been published in African Affairs, Development Policy Review, Geoforum, Third World Quarterly, and World Economy. In addition to his academic research, Jostein writes for media outlets such as The Guardian, The Conversation, International Politics and Society, and Africa is a Country. He also advises on policy issues for governments and international organisations and has co-authored reports and essays for the UN Economic Commission for Africa, the UN Industrial Development Organisation, the World Economic Forum, and the UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

Prior to his post at the University of Cambridge, Jostein was an LSE Fellow in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has also worked as a Research Associate at the Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy at the University of Cambridge. He holds a PhD from the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge, where he was supervised by Ha-Joon Chang. He obtained his Master’s degree in Political Economy of Development from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies, and his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

At the University of Cambridge, Jostein teaches Development Economics (Paper 1) and Political Economy of Development in Africa (Paper 250), offered at the Centre of Development Studies. When he was based at the LSE, he taught Globalisation and the State in Developing Countries (IR480) and International Political Economy (IR206), offered at the Department of International Relations. He was nominated for the 2021 LSE Students’ Union Award for Innovative Teaching. He also teaches economics, business, and sociology students at Zhejiang University in China through a partnership they have with Russell Group universities.

Research Interests

Political Economy, Development Studies, International Relations, Development Economics, Political Science.

Selected Publications

You can access all of the below publications on Dr Hauge’s website: There, you will also find essays and op-eds he has published.

Journal Articles

Hauge, J. (2021). "Manufacturing-led development in the digital age: how power trumps technology". Third World Quarterly (online first).

Castañeda‐Navarrete, J., Hauge, J., López‐Gómez, C. (2021). “COVID‐19’s impacts on global value chains, as seen in the apparel industry”, Development Policy Review, 39 (6): 953-970.

Hauge, J. (2020). “Industrial policy in the era of global value chains: Towards a developmentalist framework drawing on the industrialisation experiences of South Korea and Taiwan”, World Economy, 43 (8): 2070-2092.

Parschau, C. and Hauge, J. (2020). “Is automation stealing manufacturing jobs? Evidence from South Africa’s apparel industry”, Geoforum, 115 (Oct 2020): 120-131.

Hauge, J. (2019). “Should the African lion learn from the Asian tigers? A historical-comparative perspective on FDI-oriented industrial policy in Ethiopia, South Korea and Taiwan”, Third World Quarterly, 40 (11): 2071-2091.

Hardy, V. and Hauge, J. (2019). “Labour challenges in Ethiopia’s textile and leather industries: no voice, no loyalty, no exit?”, African Affairs, 118 (473): 712-736.

Book Chapters

Hauge, J. and Chang, H-J. (2019). “The role of manufacturing versus services in economic development”, In P. Bianchi, S. Labory, and C. Duran (eds.), Transforming Industrial Policy for the Digital Age, pp. 12-36. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Hauge, J. and Chang, H-J. (2019). “The concept of a ‘developmental state’ in Ethiopia”, In F. Cheru, C. Cramer and A. Oqubay (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Ethiopian Economy, pp. 824-841. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hauge, J. (2017). “Africa’s industrial policy challenge: does the expansion of global value chains call for new approaches?”, In C. Denzin and C. Cabrera (eds.), New Approaches to Productive Development: State, Sustainability, and Industrial Policy, pp. 162-193. Mexico City: Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Policy Reports

Gebreluel, G., Hauge, J. and Woldemariam, M. (2020). COVID-19 in the Horn of Africa: Political and Economic Impacts. Hateta Policy Research.

Hauge, J., Kenward, M. and Wightman, S. (2020). The future of the manufacturing workforce. Cambridge: University of Cambridge Engineering Department.

Hauge J. and O’Sullivan, E. (2019). Inside the black box of manufacturing: conceptualising and counting manufacturing in the economy. Cambridge: University of Cambridge Engineering Department.

Chang, H-J., Hauge J. and Irfan, M. (2016). Transformative Industrial Policy for Africa. Addis Ababa: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).


Hauge, J. (2023, expected). "The Future of the Factory: How Megatrends are Changing Industrialization" (under contract with Oxford University Press).


2007-2010: BSc in Economics,  Norwegian University of Science and Technology

2010-2011: MSc in Political Economy of Development, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

2013-2017: PhD in Political Economy of Development, University of Cambridge