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The Magdalene Alumni and Development Team

Alumni and Development Team

The Alumni & Development Office at Magdalene looks after all aspects of alumni relations.

The Alumni and Development Office is the first point of contact for alumni wishing to discuss anything Magdalene. The Development Office looks after all aspects of alumni relations including the Reunion dinners, alumni events, publications and communications. 

The Alumni and Development Office raise funds for the College and are currently running the Colleges biggest fundraising challenge to date, Future foundations - The Campaign for Magdalene, aiming to raise £25 million over 5 years to build a new library, to support undergraduate bursaries, postgraduate funding and to preserve Magdalene for future generations.

The Alumni and Development Office team

Director of Development and Fellow
Mrs Corinne Lloyd
E Development Director
T 01223 332160

Deputy Director of Development
Mrs Becca Pitcaithly
E Deputy Development Director
T 01223 764410

Senior Alumni Relations Officer 
Mrs Emma Tunbridge-Hibbert
T Senior Alumni Relations Officer 
E 01223 768587

Communications Officer
Mr Matt Moon
E Communications Officer
T 01223 330560

Development Officer - Database and Regular Giving
Mr Richard Morgan
E Development Officer - Database and Regular Giving
T 01223 746542

Alumni Relations Officer
Miss Sarah Rodwell
E Alumni Relations Associate
01223 332104

Development Officer - Gift Administration and Stewardship
Mrs Sarah Reynolds (Maternity Leave)
E Development Officer - Gift Administration and Stewardship
T 01223 330567

Alumni and Development Administrator
Mr Daniel Millard
E Alumni and Development Administrator
T 01223 330576