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Financial Hardship

Financial Hardship

It is not unusual for students to experience financial hardship during their studies.

If a student does find themselves struggling to make ends meet, especially is the hardship is unforeseen, then there are a number of sources of financial support.

If you are experiencing significant or unexpected financial hardship, you should contact your Tutor as soon as possible.

Magdalene Student Support Fund

The College also has its own Student Support Fund to provide modest support for students experiencing unexpected financial hardship. If your Tutor is willing to support your application, they will guide you through the process of application.

The Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds

In more significant cases, your Tutor may suggest an application to the Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds. The Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds provide assistance to undergraduate students (UK, EU, or Overseas) in financial difficulties, particularly to those suffering unexpected hardship. They provide grants of £100 to £1,000 (or up to £2,000 in exceptional circumstances) per annum.

If they think you may be eligible, your Tutor will need to make an application to the Funds on your behalf, for which you will need to provide them with supporting evidence. Applications must be submitted by the division (half-way point) of each Term.

Further information can be found on the University Hardship Funding for Undergraduate Students page.

Further Options

In cases of extreme unforseeable financial hardship, it may be possible to apply to the University for a remission of tuition fees for one or more terms. You should discuss this option with your Tutor if you think you might be eligible.

Support for Postgraduate Students

The Postgraduate Tutor's Research Fund will contribute to trips for conferences or for gathering research data, subject to the availability of funds, and Postgraduate Students away on research trips lasting longer than two weeks may apply for some rebate on their College room rent.