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Future Foundations - Supporting Postgraduate Students and Young Academics

Supporting Postgraduates

Supporting Postgraduate Students and Young Academics

Magdalene's postgraduate student population has grown exponentially over the past 30 years and we now have roughly 250 registered postgraduates.

The financial climate for our brightest postgraduates wishing to pursue further study has become much more challenging. The College has created a Hardship Fund for postgraduate students who run into financial difficulties and the fund also allows us to support a number of PhD students whose funding runs out before their research is complete. This is all possible due to the generosity and support of our Members and Friends.

Competition for Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs) academic placements for early career researchers is fierce and we receive hundreds of applications for just three positions. Our JRFs play an important role in College, enriching academic life, teaching undergraduates and introducing new areas of research to Magdalene.

"...the bursary has helped me complete my doctoral thesis...the only alternative would have been to delay submission for more than a year...I feel it has been as valuable as the three-year research grant from EPSRC, even though it has been only for five months..." - 4th Year Doctoral Student

Through the Future Foundations Campaign we are aiming to continue to raise funds to support our postgraduate students and hope that we will be able to create a fully funded post for a fourth JRF.

Supporting the Future Foundations Campaign

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