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Student (JCR) Access Initiatives

Student Outreach Initiatives

Within any group of Cambridge Students, raising the topics of Admissions and Access is guaranteed to spark a long and passionate discussion.

Like all Cambridge Colleges, Magdalene is committed to encouraging the brightest applicants to apply to study here, regardless of background.

Magdalene’s undergraduate students (known as the JCR) have played an active role in access initiatives for many years. As you will see if you attend an Open Day and meet one of our keen student helpers, everyone who studies here is keen to encourage prospective applicants to come to Magdalene.

Each year, Magdalene’s undergraduates elect an Access Officer, who has responsibility for overseeing JCR involvement in outreach events and activities. If you have any questions about student life at Magdalene, you can contact our JCR Access Officer by email.

Alongside Magdalene's School Liaison Officer (who can be contacted directly), the JCR Access Officer helps with arranging school visits to Magdalene, and with co-ordinating the Cambridge SU shadowing scheme.

The JCR Access Officer also works with our keen army of student helpers during Open Days, and throughout the December interview period.