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Porters' Lodge

Porters Lodge

Entrances to the College

With the exceptions of the main College gate in Magdalene Street and Benson Court gate, all gates will remain closed. Students will be required to carry their access card/key with them at all times. The main College gate and Benson Court Gate will be open one side only.

The main College gate will be open from 6.00am until 8.00pm (06.00-20.00hrs) daily. The Benson Court gate will be open from 6.00am until 6.00pm (06.00-18.00hrs) weekdays and closed at weekends.

Attendance in the Lodge

Cam card and access problems will all be dealt with remotely. The Porters will not allow the Lodge to be treated as a social area for students. Please contact the Porters regarding access problems.

Only 2 people (excluding the Porters) will be allowed into the Lodge at any one time to account for social distancing. Students will be expected to sanitise their hands and wear face coverings.

Entrance will be via the First Court entrance and exit via the Gatehouse door. Staff and Fellows will take precedence over any waiting students. Porters will try and encourage queuing students to queue towards the Old Lodge accommodation block. It is expected that social distancing will be adhered to.

Incoming Post

Post continues to be delivered to the Porters Lodge and will be dealt with as per normal into the pigeon holes.

Parcels which are not able to be put in the pigeon holes will be placed in the JCR room which will be empty and sectioned according to student surname.

Students should note that items are ordered and delivered at the student’s risk. The parcel area will be monitored on occasion by the Porters but it is expected that there is a certain level of honesty with regards to the collection of parcels. The College will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to parcels.

The parcel room will be opened at 7am and close at midnight. No entry will be gained after hours unless an emergency.

Outgoing Parcels and Post

Students will be expected to deal with their own items.

Belongings from last year

Any belongings that students left in their accommodation last year, please speak to the Head Porter for collection arrangements.

Fire Drills within Student Accommodation

Fire drill dates will be advertised on the website as per normal. Students will be expected to evacuate as per normal taking into account social distancing with other households. Households will be expected to remain together at their muster point.

Fire drills will not be conducted in any accommodation block that is under quarantine or isolation rules and these areas will be avoided.

Fire Alarm Call Point Checks

Will be conducted as per normal on a Tuesday morning.

Fire alarm point checks will not be conducted in any accommodation blocks that are under quarantine or isolation rules.

Fire evacuation - Isolating/Quarantining students

Should a fire alarm sound within an isolating accommodation block, students will be expected to evacuate but remain as a household at the muster point. Should housekeeping be on duty, they will be asked to clean communal furniture which may have been touched on exit. Should housekeeping not be on duty, it is expected that the students will cover this task.

Porters will wear a face covering when entering accommodation to turn any alarm activation off and leave ASAP without touching communal furniture.

Health and Safety Checks

Room health and safety checks will be conducted once a term and on a separate day to fire drills. These will be conducted in the evening between 4pm and 7pm. Students will be advised as to the intended dates on the website. Porters will knock and entry will be gained by the presence of the student opening the door. If the student is not present, then there will be no entry.

First Aid

Porters will conduct emergency first aid as per normal. Porters have relevant PPE and life-saving equipment.

Porters will expect students to deal with their own minor wounds but will be able to offer dressings etc. in the Porters Lodge.

Emergency entry into a student room

Porters will enter a student room without notice in medical emergencies or in the event of a health and safety risk.

Cycle Registration

The College is not registering cycles at the moment. Students will be expected to retain details of their own cycle for insurance purposes. Please refer to a cycle registration website such as Immobilise or Bike Register. Should derelict cycles be left at the end of the academic year, they will be tagged and disposed of after 14 days.

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