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Disabled Students

Magdalene College and the University of Cambridge welcome disabled students.

A disability may be physical, be unseen, relate to mental health, or be a Specific Learning Difficulty. The College works closely with the University's Disability Resource Centre to ensure that students have the support, equipment, and facilities required.

Of the 18,000+ students studying at Cambridge, nearly 13% of them, over 2,300, are registered with the Disability Resource Centre. This compares with an average proportion of 8.8% within England and Wales higher education institutions, according to the Equality Challenge Unit's 2013 statistical report.


The College is keen to accommodate students and help overcome any difficulties wherever possible. Please see the Building Accessibility information.


The College is happy to adapt and acquire facilities if necessary and possible. If you are a new or prospective student it is helpful if you discuss your individual needs with us as early as possible.

Arrangements for students with specific requirements or mental health conditions can be made on an individual basis, in conjunction with the University Disability Resource Centre. You can discuss your needs with your Tutor or, if you are an applicant, with the Academic Office.

Disability Resource Centre

The College works closely with the University of Cambridge Disability Resource Centre (DRC) to ensure that all our students have the best possible support during their time here. The DRC has a wealth of advice and facilities to support students and staff with disabilities, both visible and invisible, and with learning support.

Magdalene College has a designated Disability Advisor amongst the staff of the DRC. Her name is Aless McCann, and she can be contacted via the DRC website. The Centre also has a range of specialist advisors to support students with particular disabilities. To see the list of advisors and information about how to make an appointment please see the Disability Resource Centre opening hours.

Magdalene Support

Your Tutor and the Pastoral Team are available to discuss any issues and to offer advice and support. Prospective students can contact the College Academic Office to discuss their requirements.

The College's Disability Liaison Officer is Mrs Helen Foord. She is also the Rooms Tutor and can advise on any issues regarding access and accommodation.