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First Court Magdalene college

College Bar Accessibility

College Bar accessibility information.

Location & Access Path

Where is the facility located in College?

  • The Bar is located within First Court.
  • To access the Bar you will need to follow the path from Magdalene Street Main Entrance/Porters’ Lodge Gate. Gate measures 82cm wide when only one gate is in use, the full opening of the gate is 226cm.
  • Access may be restricted due to closure of the College- please ring the bell of the Porters’ Lodge if you require access when the gate is closed. There is a bell linked to the Porters’ Lodge approx. 1.71m high or a salto card reader measuring 1.71m high. Entrance gate at Porters’ Lodge/Magdalene Street is very heavy if closed, this pushes inwards.
  • There is a step down into First Court adjacent to the Porters’ Lodge measuring 15cm, or the step can be covered by a ramp measuring 1m wide & 1.05m long.
  • Following the path which is paved with slabs – this route will take you under the archway into First Court & turning left, the entrance to the Bar is located in First Court C staircase directly ahead on the ground floor.

What is the path or pavement condition?

Path is paved, some paving slabs are cracked & loose making them uneven. Cobbles border the path, some of these are loose.

Is the path flat or sloped? Is there a ramp?

Path is mostly flat with a slight slope/camber.

What does this path give access to?

Path gives access to facilities in First Court & through to Second Court - mainly consisting of Fellows & Student accommodation.

Is the access path well-lit?

External access path is not well lit; lighting level is low within entrance.

Is there any directional or locational signage for this facility?

No directional signage. Signage is present outside door entrance to the Bar on the right hand side above salto card reader.

Outside Access to Main Entrance

Are there any stairs to the main entrance, or is it level access?

Level access, Bar is on the ground floor.

If access is via an indoor corridor, what is the width of the corridor? Is it sufficiently wide enough to allow wheelchair users to pass (150cm+)?

No, corridor is 1.16m at widest point.

Are there any tight turns?


Are there any doors in the corridor?


What does the entrance consist of?

First Court C staircase entrance is open, manual door to access the Bar on the ground floor.

What is the clear width of the door opening?

Door measures at 90cm wide.

If manual, is the door heavy? Does the door open towards or away from you when you are outside?

Door pushes inwards into the room, and is not overly heavy.

Is a key card required for access? If so, what is the height of the card reader/lock?

Key card required; height 130cm from the ground.

Is there a bell or buzzer?


If the entrance is outdoors, is there any weather protection?

Entrance is undercover.


What are the dimensions of the room?

Room is split into two sections; Yellow/Bar area measures at 30.91m² and the TV/Sofa area of the room measures at 28.95m².

Is there step-free access within the room?

Yes, step-free access.

Is there ample room for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre?

Yes but could be dependent on layout of the furniture.

Is there a hearing assistance system available?

Induction Loop available

Are there light controls accessible for visitors? What is the height of any light control switches in the room?

Yes, light switches measure at 146cm high from floor.

Does this area play background music?

Dependant on function/use, please note a TV is available for use in room.

Where are the nearest public toilets?

First Court A & C – accessible toilet is located in First Court C staircase – further information available in First Court Toilet guide.

Communal Seating & Equipment

Is there is seating available for the visitor, and how is this seating used?

Yes, seating is used for social & function use.

Are there designated spaces for wheelchair users?

There is no assigned designated space; however, space is available for wheelchair users.

Is any of the furniture fixed?

Furniture is not fixed & does move depending on function/use.

Is there clear manoeuvring space between furniture or equipment?

Yes, but dependant on furniture layout.

What type of chairs are available? Are these with or without armrests?

Dining/chairs, sofas & stools, with & without armrests.

What are the table heights, from base to the floor?

Table heights vary between 46cm for the coffee tables and 74cm for the bistro tables. Measurements are base from the floor.

Is there any other furniture?

TV shelf fixed to wall measuring 1.10m high from floor.

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