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Magdalene Arts society


The Fleapit is Magdalene’s vibrant new general arts society. Attracting audiences from across Cambridge, in a single week you might find the Fleapit to be hosting anything from an ‘Album in the Dark’ to a night still life drawing in the College bar.

One of the Fleapit’s most popular series of events is its ‘Film and Discussion’ - roughly once a week the Fleapit hosts a screening of a fascinating piece of classic or arthouse cinema, followed by relaxed discussion.

A perfect place to meet artistically minded people is the wonderful Humphrey Cripps Auditorium, where the screenings take place. The Fleapit aims to encompass all of the multifarious strands of creativity that Cambridge has to offer; it opens it’s arms to poetry, drawing, drama, collage, photography, painting, music and absolutely anything else that people here can come up with!

The Fleapit holds termly art exhibitions encouraging a collaborative effort across College in order to create and curate fascinating and inspiring worlds within the College space. The Fleapit is governed by a President and two Secretaries, roles which are up for renewed biennially. Candidates interview for these roles. The Fleapit also appoints departmental officers, such as its ‘Literary Chief' and its ‘Chief of Visual Arts'. There is an opportunity for anybody who wants to be involved in some capacity, to be involved.

Bringing people together in a curious and creative spirit, looking to challenge the boundaries of collaboration and imagination, the Fleapit is an exciting and energetic hub of activity on the arts scene at Cambridge.

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