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Graduate Accommodation at Magdalene College

Postgraduate Accommodation

Magdalene tries to provide accommodation for as many postgraduate students as possible.

The majority of postgraduate accommodation is reserved for new postgraduate students. Roughly a third of postgraduate rooms are allocated to students going into their second and third years. Postgraduates are housed in the main College precinct, and in various houses nearby. All postgraduate accommodation is within a few minutes’ walk of the main College. In general, new and continuing postgraduates live in the same houses, although there may be a few exceptions from year to year. Not all accommodation areas are available to incoming postgraduates, following the spring MCR Ballot for continuing postgraduates.

Postgraduate students can reside in their accommodation for the majority of the year. The standard Postgraduate Accommodation Licence runs from 1 October to 15 September, but can be terminated early on specific dates at the end of each Term, provided sufficient notice is given. In order for the College to carry out renovations and other major works, some rooms may have a shorter licence period (to 30 June). Postgraduates who are conducting research away from Cambridge, and who have been granted Leave to Work Away, may apply for a rent rebate for the weeks when they are not resident.

For details of room charges and other frequently asked questions, please see the following links:

Room Rental Charges by Band

Postgraduate Accommodation FAQs

For more information on College accommodation, please refer to the Accommodation Handbook.

Accommodation Areas

Audley Cottage

Recently renovated, Audley Cottage is one of the larger postgraduate houses at Magdalene. Located on Chesterton Road, and backing onto the Scholars' Garden, the house is a 2-minute walk from the main College, and all rooms have en suite or private bathrooms. The Cottage has a particularly large kitchen, shared by all the occupants, with a large dining table, and views across the garden to the river.

11 rooms.

Rent bands: B – F.

8 Chesterton Road, Magdalene College Cambridge

Bright's Building

Situated in historic Second Court, and part of the main College precinct, occupants of the two staircases in Bright's building live right by the Pepys and College libraries. One of the quieter accommodation locations, rooms are a mix of postgraduate accommodation (including the Bye-Fellow rooms and the MCR President’s room) and Fellows’ rooms, and many have lovely views over the river.

11 rooms.

Rent bands: A – D.

Bright's Building, Magdalene College Cambridge

4 - 8 Chesterton Road

One of our smaller houses, number 8 backs on to the Scholars' garden, with lovely views down to the river, and is a 2 minute walk from the main College.

2 rooms.

Rent bands: D – G.

11 Chesterton Road

Split over four floors, this house has a large kitchen and living area, and many of the rooms have been recently redecorated. Very close to Magdalene’s Cripps Court, the house is just over the road from the Wentworth gate to the Fellows’ and Scholars’ Gardens, and about a 3 minute walk from the main College buildings.

6 rooms.

Rent bands: D – E.

Cory House

Located on Northampton Street, Cory House is the location for most of the couples’ accommodation, suitable for postgraduate students and their partners. Residents are either postgraduate students or Magdalene Fellows. Cory House contains a range of self-contained flats, each with a double bedroom, living/study area, kitchenette and bathroom. There is also a small garden area at the back of the house. Please note that, due to the age of the building, some of the flats in Cory House have low ceilings, and may not be suitable for taller students.

3 flats.

Rent bands: Flat band D – H.

Hertford Street

Some of the smaller postgraduate houses, Magdalene’s four Hertford Street houses are located on a quiet residential street, and back onto the College’s Cripps Court complex. All of them are within a 5-minute walk of the main College buildings. The houses have between 3 and 5 occupants, all with communal gyp and bathroom facilities.

21 rooms.

Rent bands: C – I.

Mallory Court, C staircase

Mallory Court is made up of an eclectic mix of historic buildings, as well as College squash and fives courts. C staircase, renovated in 2019, is also the location of one of our couples’ flats for postgraduate students and their partners.

5 rooms, 1 flat.

Rent bands C – E.

Flat band C.

Mallory Court, Magdalene College Cambridge

Mallory Court, Magdalene College Cambridge

Northampton Street

Located about a 3 minute walk from the main College, these cosy cottages are very close to the amenities in the Village. They vary in size from 4 to 6 occupants, with communal gyps and bathrooms.

15 rooms.

Rent bands: C – I.

Thompsons Lane

Just over 5 minutes walk away from the main College, the four postgraduate houses in Thompsons Lane are a little further away from Magdalene than other accommodation areas. They are, however, a little closer to the city centre, and to the shops and restaurants of Bridge Street.

6 rooms, 2 flats.

Rent bands: A  G.

Flat band C.

Wentworth House

A beautiful Georgian townhouse that has undergone extensive renovation, backs on to the Fellows' Garden and is around a 2-minute walk from the main College. All of the rooms have been redecorated, and most have en-suite facilities. The house also has two shared kitchens.

11 rooms.

Rent bands: B – D.

Wentworth House, Magdalene College Cambridge

Disabled students

Magdalene welcomes applications from students with disabilities.

We are happy to put in place support and make reasonable adjustments to accommodation, but it is advisable for prospective students and applicants to contact us as soon as possible to discuss their needs further.

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