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Dr Marissa Quie

Dr Marissa Quie is an expert in Migration/Refugees, Peace and Conflict Studies. She is Director of Studies in HSPS and Joint Director of Studies in History and Politics at Magdalene. Marissa is also a Fellow and Director of Studies in HSPS and History and Politics at Lucy Cavendish College.


Research Interests

Dr. Quie’s current research focuses on the challenges and opportunities linked with migration and displacement as a consequence of war and conflict political, socioeconomic and environmental crises. She is interested in the motifs of participation and protection that characterise debates about people on the move, including refugees, internally displaced people, women and marginalised groups. Her work engages with the connections between migration, peace and security. Marissa has done extensive consultancy work for the United Nations and for the Government of Afghanistan. She has acted as an Advisor to the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme (APRP). She acted as a contributor to the House of Lords Inquiry ‘The UK and Afghanistan’ 2020/2021.  She has been a Mentor to Afghan students both at Cambridge and at Oxford. She is currently leading a project for The Brite Initiative on STEAM education in Afghanistan.

Selected Publications

“The EU and the Politics of Migration Management in Afghanistan” with H. Hakimi, Chatham House November 2020

“Who Will Build this House?” in “Making Home Away,” Special Issue of The International Migration Review (funded by The British Academy), eds., Yasmine Shamma, Sazgan Ilean, Vicki Squire and Helen Underhill (Forthcoming)

“Shrinking Aid in Afghanistan Could Lead to Expanded Displacement and Migration”: in Radio Free Europe Gandhara April 2020.

“The Body Politics of Security: Sexual Reproductive Health Rights” (chapter 5) in Understanding New Security Threats, Eds. Michel Gueldry, Lui Hebron and Gigi Gocek. NY: Routledge 2019.

“Peace and Exclusion: The Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program” in Humanity and Society Volume 42, Number 1, 2018.

“EU Pays to Stop Migrants” in: The World Today January 2018.

“The Istanbul Process: Prospects for Regional Connectivity in the Heart of Asia”, Asia Europe Journal 12(3) (2014): 285-300.

“Afghanistan as the Heart of Asia” International Relations and Diplomacy (10/2013): 52-66.

“Peace Building and Democracy Promotion in Afghanistan: in: J. Leininger, S. Grimm and T. Freyburg (eds.) Democratization special issue 19 (3) (2012).

 “Postmodernist Theories and the Question of Time” in Baert, P. (ed) Time in Contemporary Intellectual Thought (2000).