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Virtual Open Day

Virtual Open Day

Welcome to Magdalene's Virtual Open Day.

This content has been created by current students to help answer your questions about what it is like to study and live at Magdalene. We have done our best to recreate the experience you would have had attending an open day – though we know that nothing can quite compare to walking around the College on a beautiful sunny day.

To supplement these videos, we would recommend that you also look through the rest of the information we have available online which covers a variety of subjects to help you decide if Magdalene is the place for you.

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The Application Process

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Magdalene 360 Photo Tour

Take a look around Magdalene from the comfort of your sofa

First Court

The Village

Cripps Court

The New Library

Magdalene combines beautiful historic buildings and gardens with excellent modern facilities. Our most recent addition is our state-of-the-art New Library, a bright modern study space housing 30,000 books for our students to enjoy. 

The New Library (Level 2)

The New Library (Level 3)

The New Library

College Tour

This video uses photos taken in college to give you an idea of what Magdalene is like; the voiceover is provided by current students.

Magdalene College Tour

Current student profile: Lauren

For me studying at Cambridge was such a daunting idea. Having come from a very normal background and attended a very average state school, I was convinced that I would never ‘fit in’. Encouraged by those around me to try, that’s exactly what I did and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

You will not find any other College with such a friendly and communal atmosphere. No matter who you see walking through College pretty much everyone will stop and have a chat. And it’s not just in College, I’ve often found myself bumping into people around town or even on nights out - there will always be a big group of Magdalene people there!

Current student profile: Bronwyn

I had never really considered Cambridge, but after visiting on an open day, as cliché as it sounds, I genuinely fell in love with the city and knew that this was where I wanted to be.

Coming from a state school in the West Midlands, my school didn’t really know much at all about the application process, but I found lots online and received help from another local school that was more knowledgeable; so if you’re in a similar position try not to let it stop you! Even though I was apprehensive at first I just tried to remember that at the end of the day I had nothing to lose by just giving it a go.

And I couldn’t be happier that I did!  Magdalene is such a wonderful place and I have met the most amazing people and made the best memories.  People are genuinely so kind and friendly and there is such a family feel to College. There’s always so much on whether you’re into art, music, theatre, sport, or are of a particular religion, there are so many societies and events going on, there is genuinely something for everyone here.

Rooms Tour

This video uses 360 photos of rooms in three of our accommodation buildings – Basing House, Benson Court and Mallory Court – to give you an idea of the huge variety of rooms available for students. The voiceover is provided by current students.

Magdalene Rooms Tour

Current student profile: Olivia

Since coming to Cambridge I’ve thrown myself into the first few years of medical school, with this third year being a little bit special as medical students in Cambridge do an “Intercalated Degree” in their third year, meaning this year I was able to choose to study psychology.

Beyond my course, I love to spend time with my friends - most of whom are from Magdalene - cooking in whoever has the largest space to do so or working in the library. I’ve also been involved with University Powerlifting this year (of which there is a growing Magd Medic tradition…) and I hope to use my ridiculously long degree length to climb the ranks in the club.

Current student profile: Eva

I originally never wanted to come to Oxbridge, but by chance I took a day trip to Cambridge and had this feeling it was the place I was somehow meant to be (even if I didn’t quite know precisely what to study yet.).

As a somewhat quiet first year coming into Magdalene, I felt part of the College community immediately. Existing students welcomed everyone coming in, which was something I was not necessarily expecting.

Events hosted by my second year ‘family’ in freshers’ week cultivated this atmosphere and also provided a strong support structure for the rest of the year.

Q&A with current students

We asked you for your questions and here are the answers from current students. Topics include the food, finances, societies, fitting in and what is the best thing about Magdalene?

Q&A with current Magdalene students

Current student profile: Alice

I went to a small state school in the North West and when visiting Cambridge when I was younger, instantly fell in love with the city and knew I wanted to apply.

I found the application process quite daunting at first, not knowing anyone who had previously applied but all the students who helped out at the interviews were really lovely and completely understanding of the situation and there to help in any way they could.

Outside of my course, I row with the Magdalene Boat Club which I only picked up as a fresher and I have loved ever since. I also spend a lot of time with friends in College whether that's cooking together, going to the pub or going on nights out. Magdalene is one of the friendliest Colleges I know and you are never more than a 3 minute walk away from any of your friends.

Current student profile: Annabelle

Until a week or so before the UCAS deadline, I had not seriously considered applying to either Cambridge, as I thought it was pointless trying as I would never get in. Last minute I decided to send in an application to Magdalene, based on the information I could gather about the College online: small, friendly, and well-situated. The interview process focused on your passion for the subject and your approach to problem-solving and debate, which I feel accurately reflects the way we learn here.

Outside of law, I am involved in the work of Magdalene Access Committee, and have taken part in various Open Days and Residentials. I also was on the Freshers Committee last year and was the Social Media Officer for The 1988 Club, our FemSoc. When I have the time, I really enjoy attending debates and speakers at the Cambridge Union.

Freshers’ Week and First Term

In this video, Chloe breaks down what usually happens during your first few days at Magdalene and other students then talk about their experiences of Freshers’ Week and the first term at Cambridge.

Freshers’ Week and First Term

Current student profile: Niki

I had never thought of applying to Cambridge up until the end of Year 12 when I decided to come to the open day. After visiting the Colleges, the city, and the department, I knew I would regret it in the future if I didn’t give it my best shot.

Outside my degree, I tend to get involved in several societies both within and outside College. At Magdalene, I’m the BME Officer, the Vice President for The 1988 Club (FemSoc) and was part of the Freshers Committee last year – there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community. Outside of College, I love attending events by HinduSoc or IndiaSoc or taking part in engineering projects. There are so many different opportunities both within and outside College which is what makes the whole experience special.

Chapel and Choir

In this video, Rory and a group of students talk about the opportunities to join the College Choir and become involved in the life of Chapel.

Magdalene Chapel and Choir

Current student profile: Trinny

Coming from a state school in Manchester, I never considered Oxbridge as a serious option for university. I assumed I wouldn’t fit in and couldn’t envision the ‘normal’ university experience. In hindsight applying to Magdalene was the best decision I’ve made.

Before applying, I was worried that with a Cambridge workload I’d have no time for socialising or engaging in anything but work. I was so wrong! History is so flexible, you write one essay a week and there are few lectures so you can really make your own schedule. The style of teaching through supervisions means you receive tailored guidance to your work, which I’ve found invaluable.