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University of Cambridge application dates and deadlines

Dates and deadlines

Each undergraduate admissions round runs from September to September, for entry in October.

There are a number of key dates and deadlines along the way and it is essential that you meet these if you want a chance of your application succeeding.

The UCAS deadline for applying to Oxford and Cambridge is earlier than for other universities. The deadline for applications this year is 6.00 pm GMT on 15 October.

Please find below the key dates and deadlines (in progress) for the 2022-23 admissions round, for entry in October 2023 or deferred entry in October 2024.

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August 2022

  • 1 August: Registration for the LNAT opens

September 2022

  • 1 September: Transcript deadline for applicants for Organ Scholarships
  • 11 September: Reference deadline for applicants for Organ Scholarships
  • 15 September: Deadline for Law applicants to register for the LNAT. Applicants must sit the test by 15 October.
  • 30 September: Deadline for applicants to register for the following pre-registration required assessments:
  1. Engineering applicants - ENGAA
  2. Medicine applicants - BMAT
  3. Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology applicants, Natural Science applicants and Veterinary Medicine applicants - NSAA     
  4. Computer Science applicants and Economics applicants - TMUA

October 2022

  • 15 October: Deadline by which Law applicants must sit the LNAT
  • 18 October: Date of the BMAT and TMUA assessments
  • 19 October: Date of the ENGAA and NSAA assessments
  • 22 October: Deadline of submission for the My Cambridge Application form
  • 22 October: Deadline for the submission of the Extenuating Circumstances Form

November 2022

  • 3 November: Deadline for submission of written work in relevant subjects 
  • 3 November: Deadline for the submission of the Applicant Additional Information and Confidentiality Form
  • 3 November: Deadline for submission of the Disability Allowances Form
  • Early November: Deadline for submission of, if relevant, any UMS marks already achieved.

December 2022

  • The majority of interviews will take place in the first three weeks of December.
  • Files of unsuccessful applicants from previous round destroyed in line with Data Protection Policy.

January 2023

  • Early January: A small number of interviews may take place in the first two weeks of January.
  • Mid January: Winter Pool 
  • Mid January: Winter Pool interviews, as necessary
  • 25 January: Decisions on interviews (if you have had a pool interview, your decision may not arrive until a few days later) 

February 2023

  • Mid February: Deadline for requests for feedback from unsuccessful applicants
  • Mid February: Deadline for applications for Choral Awards
  • Mid-late February: Deadline for applications for Instrumental Award
  • Information on financial guarantee requirements sent to offer holders

April 2023

  • Mid April: Deadline for challenges to fee status categorisation
  • Late April: Deadline for the submission of the Financial Guarantee Progress Form
  • Submit DBS applications to the Student Registry

June 2023

  • Mid June: Deadline for the submission of financial guarantees/confirmation of loan eligibility from Student Finance 

July 2023

  • 31 July: Deadline for Language (IELTS/TOEFL) conditions to be met by offer holders

August 2023

  • Early-mid August: Publication of A-level and STEP results
  • Mid August  Summer and Adjustment Pool
  • 31 August: Deadline for successful re-marks and all offer conditions to be met

October 2023

  • 1 October: Start of the new academic year