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Postgraduate Accommodation

Postgraduate Accommodation FAQs

How are rooms allocated?

Accommodation for new students is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis once the student’s place has been confirmed by the Magdalene Academic Office (please note that being confirmed by the Magdalene Academic Office is different from being accepted by the Graduate Admissions Office).

Once a student’s place has been confirmed, they will be given access to an online Accommodation Preference form, which they must submit if they would like to be allocated College accommodation, and which gives them the option to express a preference about things like rent band, location, and facilities.

Continuing students going into their second, third, and fourth years of study may be able to secure a room for the following year through the MCR ballot. This is run by the Accommodation Coordinator, with involvement from the MCR committee, to ensure everyone has a fair chance of securing a room.

Will I be living with undergraduate students?

No, all our undergraduate and postgraduate accommodation is kept separate.

Are there any shared rooms?

No. All Magdalene postgraduate rooms are single occupancy, but you may have to share a gyp room, bathroom, and other communal rooms with other students. We do have a small number of flats, designed for students and their partner.

Are there any rooms for students starting in Lent or Easter Term?

We can often provide accommodation for students starting later in the academic year, but this depends on room availability. Please contact the Accommodation Coordinator once you have been confirmed by the Magdalene Academic Office to find out the current room availability.

What is the difference in rooms according to rent bands?

Magdalene accommodation is made up of a varied mix of rooms in buildings ranging from the medieval to the modern, and there is no standard or average room size or shape. Rent bands depend on a number of factors, including room size, the gyp and bathroom facilities, and recent redecoration.

What is included in the rent? Are there any extra charges?

Magdalene rents include the cost of the room, and basic utilities and internet. For more information on rent and other charges, please see Accommodation Costs.

What is a gyp room?

A gyp room is a Cambridge term for a small kitchen area, which can be used to prepare snacks and lights meals. Most gyp rooms in Magdalene have a combination microwave, hob, kettle and toaster, but this does vary slightly from staircase to staircase. Postgraduate gyps are also normally equipped with an oven and a freezer, and are often larger than in undergraduate accommodation. Fridges are either provided in the gyp room, or in individual rooms.

Do you have any rooms for wheelchair users?

Yes, we have two wheelchair accessible rooms in Cripps Court. However, due to the age of many of Magdalene’s buildings, other areas of the College are inaccessible to wheelchair users. Please contact us at to discuss your needs further. Detailed information on the accessible accommodation is available on the Cripps Court accessibility page.

Do you have any accommodation areas which are single-gender?

No; there is no male-only or female-only accommodation at Magdalene.

Do you have any rooms for halal or kosher observant students, or for those with other dietary requirements?

We don’t have any specific rooms for those with special dietary requirements, but we work with students to accommodate their dietary requirements where possible. At least one vegan or vegetarian option is available at every meal in Ramsay, and a range of special dietary needs can be catered for in Formal Hall.

Is there an option to self-cater at Magdalene?

All Magdalene students are encouraged to eat together in Ramsay or in Formal Hall. However, we appreciate that most postgraduate students remain at College even when the kitchen are closed, and therefore need cooking facilities. Most postgraduate gyp or kitchen areas are equipped with an oven, hob, combination microwave, freezer, kettle and toaster, and a fridge either in the gyp, or in individual rooms.

Do I have to pay for my room during vacations?

Yes. As postgraduate students are meant to be resident at the College for the vast majority of their course, the Postgraduate Accommodation Licence runs throughout the year, with no breaks. However, students working away from the University can apply for a rent rebate.